A Citation Needed For a Discussion on the Importance of Personal Development to a Company’s Survival

Written by Patrice

4 April 2021

A Citation Needed For a Discussion. Personal development is a broad term that encompasses a variety of activities designed to increase an individual’s personal effectiveness, interpersonal skills, adaptability, personal values, and interpersonal relations. The goal is to empower individuals to realize their full potential and to live their lives in ways that are meaningful and productive. The ultimate aim in personal development is to lead a fulfilled life, to achieve personal goals, to become a better person, and to contribute to building social capital. Personal development usually includes activities that build a person’s strengths and ability, develop human capital, improve employability, facilitate the realization of goals and aspirations, and improve quality of life. In the wider context of organizations, personal development also takes part in management practices, wherein it aims to improve organizational performance through increased employee motivation and adaptability.

To cite this field, one must first understand what personal development is all about. A brief definition would be that “personal development” is the process of realizing one’s full potential by fostering positive psychological qualities. A Citation Needed For a Discussion. As we all know, personal development is often intertwined with career development; however, they are two very different concepts. In general, career development is usually associated with building up the worker’s professional skills, while personal development tends to deal with setting up personal goals, implementing strategies, dealing with setbacks, improving self-reflection, accepting challenges, accepting failures, improving performance, enhancing decision-making, implementing new ideas, and acquiring new skills. It is, therefore, important for us to take note that personal development and career development are two different concepts, as there are many cases of overlapping between the two.

Now that we have made the introduction, let us proceed with a citation needed for a discussion on the importance of personal development to a company’s survival. A Citation Needed For a Discussion. According to one leading business school, “the key to long-term corporate health is the capacity to identify, develop and implement a comprehensive program of personal development.” However, this is not easy, especially when companies do not yet have a single Corporate Development Manager or a corporate development program in place. Some believe that it is even more important to hire one now than ever before. They argue that, given today’s economic climate, the best investment that any company can make is in developing an effective Corporate Development Manager.

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