How Meditation Shifts Our Experience Of Physical Body

Written by Patrice

3 April 2021

How Meditation Shifts Our Experience. The word meditation has become loosely used to describe a multitude of different techniques used as a means of obtaining mental stability and peace. Meditation is often misunderstood by most people as being a religious activity; however, its purpose is much more mundane. According to the ancient Vedic science, the real purpose of meditation is to transcend the human mind into the realm of the spirit. When a person achieves full consciousness in the state of meditation, the reason for him or her becoming “unaware” of the world around him or she ceases to exist, along with all of the negative desires that led to this “unaware” state in the first place. With the total eradication of these negative feelings, a person can begin to perceive the world anew with newfound wisdom and clarity.

Although meditation was originally invented in India thousands of years ago, it was not introduced to the Western world until the nineteenth century, when American physician Benjamin Franklin experienced an epiphany while meditating on a hilltop. How Meditation Shifts Our Experience. After meditating for ten minutes, Franklin began to experience a ringing in his ears and a feeling of deep inner peace. From that point forward, he developed and refined the art of meditation in order to introduce it to the common masses, and to share the powerful benefits that it provides with those who would want to use it to achieve relaxation and inner peace.

The key to achieving meditation and the benefits it provides lies in the fact that it is designed to awaken the brain from its slumber and allow it to experience the phenomenon of deep inner self-awareness. Through the focusing of the eyes, the mind can be forced to experience an objective view of itself. The result is the awakening of a working consciousness, which is the very essence of human life. How Meditation Shifts Our Experience. Whether one chooses to use meditation in conjunction with other forms of spiritual activity such as prayer, yoga or other forms of energetic work, or simply work on a daily basis to maintain a strong mental balance, meditation can have a profound effect on the quality of that which we experience in our physical body.

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Why You Should Add Meditation

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