Meditation – Depression

Written by Patrice

3 April 2021

Meditation is a book written by Finnish author Petri Kippoor. In this book, Kippoor presents a unique view of how meditation can be a powerful weapon to fight against depression. The main thrust of the book is to help people achieve serenity and tranquility, which are crucial to fighting off the negative effects of depression. In fact, I think the book does a very good job at helping people to get rid of the myths surrounding meditation and to realize that this “alternative” method of combating depression is, in fact, the most logical. When you read this book, you will not only understand why it is important to meditate, but you will also see how it fits in with the current thinking surrounding mental health.

The first half of the book covers the background and development of the ideas presented in part one. While it may be true that some of the information provided in part one of the Meditaion series may seem to clash with current thinking on the relationship between meditation and depression, I do not think this book goes too far in presenting information that is contradictory. Instead, the information presented here is paired with sound scientific research that clearly demonstrates that mediation can be an effective way to fight depression. It is the research that underpin much of what the book covers, and the reader will benefit greatly from understanding just how important it is to both treat and prevent depression. If nothing else, I think the information provided in the book can help make other readers more familiar with the concepts of depression and can serve as a springboard for more studies that seek to prove or disprove such claims.

Meditation – Depression. Part two of the Meditaion series looks at some psychological characteristics of those who are most prone to depression. This part of the book also provides some great information on the psychological role that diet plays in our well-being. As with the first part of the book, I think the information provided here can serve as a springboard for further studies. However, the part two of the book takes things a step further and actually offers remedies for those who struggle with depression. While the information in the previous books has always been helpful to those struggling to fight depression, this second volume expands upon it.

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