Golden Rules of Yoga

Written by Patrice

3 April 2021

Golden Rules of Yoga

Yoga is an organized set of exercises or disciplines that originated in early India. Yoga includes various physical exercises, breathing techniques, and meditation. Yoga is currently one of the major six worldwide orthodox philosophies of Hinduism. The discipline has several fundamental precepts which are known as the golden rules of yoga.

The first of these golden rules of yoga is known as the discipline of the right posture. This rule emphasizes the importance of sitting in the right position with the correct posture so that the whole body, including the legs and the spine, is balanced and symmetrical to the surroundings. The second rule is related to meditation. It specifies that meditation is a state of consciousness arising from within without external control. Thus, it is necessary to avoid using force or violence when meditating.

Another set of rules of yoga is related to meditation and breath control. The discipline advises people to practice meditation in a relaxed state with proper breathing techniques such that the mind is not easily distracted. The most common example of a form of meditation is yoga. This form of exercise improves physical health, but also cultivates mental balance which is considered essential for achieving spiritually.

Other Golden Rules of Yoga. Yoga combines meditation with physical exercise and is often referred to as mind-body yoga. A common practice, yoga integrates meditation, relaxation, stretching and balance training into postures designed to improve health and well-being. The goal of yoga is to achieve a sense of inner calm and unity. Yoga teaches that each person has an innate power that can be used to develop an exceptional quality of life by promoting harmony within oneself and with others.

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